What is Emotional Intelligence(EI)?

Emotional Intelligence or in other words Emotional Quotient is the ability of individuals to identify and manage their and other people’s emotion as well as to handle interpersonal relationship prudently and compassionately.

“Emotional Intelligence is the key to professional as well as personal success.”

Areas of Emotional Intelligence-

  • Self Awareness-

The ability to understand ones moods, strengths, weaknesses and emotions along with self-confidence.

  • Motivation-

The desire to do something.It is the reason for individuals actions and needs.

According to Maehr and Meyer-

“Motivation is a word that is part of the popular culture as few other psychological concepts are.”

  • Social Awareness-

The ability to understand what other people are saying and feeling and knowing the reason why they feel and act.

  • Social Skills-

The ability of getting the results from others and reaching personal goals. Mastery in making relationship and building networks. Developing leadership quality and teamwork.

  • Empathy-

The ability to understanding, getting aware of and sharing the feelings and thoughts of other.

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence-

  • Leadership Quality
  • Team effectiveness
  • Better decision making
  • Trusting relationship



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